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All soup, all smiles!

All soup, all smiles!

What is a soup cook off?

If you've never been to a soup cook off, you're missing out! Let me walk you through a typical event, as you'll experience it. You will get a spoon and a brochure at the registration table. Keep your spoon! Then, you'll enter the ballroom and there will be chef tables lining the entire room. Each chef has brought their best soup, chili, chowder, bisque or stew. Chefs and restaurants want to win, so they all bring their A-game! You get to work your way around the room, in any order, and taste all of the entries as much as you'd like. All of that soup will make you thirsty, which is why we always have endless free drinks, in many varieties, for all of our guests. We will have coffee, juice boxes, soda, water and more. You may help yourself at any time. Also, there will be a cash bar for those 21 and older.

Soup Tasters Wanted

Wanted! People who love eating soup and have a good appetite! It also helps if you also like to support a good cause and have fun while stuffing your face full of soup. This years Soup Cook Off we expect to have over 50 soups for you to chose from! The best part about our Soup Cook Off? You the taster can also be the judge! Yes, our best soup winners are not selected by a panel of judges, we let the public decide!

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